Explore the Ocean

Ride the Reef….

The Bahamas is renowned for it’s lively and beautiful reef areas, and Ship Channel Cay is no exception.

For those who wish to try a spot of snorkeling, we have an amazing drift snorkel, just a few metres from the shoreline.

A quick splash out, and then it’s time to experience the wonders of a drift snorkel as the warm current draws you over a myriad of coral and tiny, dazzling fish feeding in this untouched and vibrant reef.

If you’ve never snorkeled before, don’t worry, we’ll provide you with fins, masks, snorkels and a lesson or two. Our guides will be with you every kick of the way – just make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible chance to experience nature at its most beautiful.

Don’t forget to take along an underwater camera to capture the sights along the way – you may be one of the lucky few to spot the graceful eagle rays gliding alongside as you drift.

The Endangered Bahamian Rock Iguana's of Allan's Cay